A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as a guardian Critter to defend your cubs and nurture them, so they can grow strong and start their own families.

*this game is in heavy development at the moment, so any feedback would be very welcome, you can leave it here or come into my discord channel: https://discord.gg/gDwQbNf

updated to v1_2b

  • pause should be working again when pressing Esc
  • added trees again with temporary "vanish" as LOD
  • camera movement changes, still WIP, you can rotate your character now with A and D and when going forward the camera switches to automatic

*more coming...

updated to v1_2a

  • fixed some bugs with crashing and program not closing properly
  • removed all trees except one for performance (until I have updated the trees)
  • removed some bushes aswell
  • adjusted how cubs follow, they have a bit easier time following on slopes now, but it still needs some work on steeper slopes
  • no more freezing in not cold areas (though they sometimes are born with lower warmth, so just get close to warm them up and it should be fine)
  • landscape changes
  • selection of cubs now more accurate and it's always only one selected
  • dens in all biomes now (because adaption wouldn't work without using cheat (L)

Install instructions

it's a zip file, so you will need some program like winrar or 7zip to unpack the files.


Critters - Win64v1_2b.zip (64 MB)
Critters - Macv1_2b.app.zip (82 MB)
Critters - Linuxv1_2b.zip (94 MB)